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          Security of Supply and COVID-19 Updates

          Customers are looking for security in their chemical and ingredient supply. At Univar Solutions, we leverage our unparalleled network, supplier relationships, digital technology, technical expertise, and market knowledge to help our customers navigate dynamic market conditions.

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          Live Chat

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          Emulsion Polymerization

          Univar Solutions is your source for emulsion polymerization

          Our extensive portfolio consists of base and specialty monomers plus surfactants from BASF and Solvay, giving you a one-stop-shop for your emulsion polymerization needs. 

          Our complete solution gives you the reassurance that you can deliver a high-performing end product with long-lasting benefits across many applications including:

          • Coatings
          • Adhesives
          • Sealants
          • Graphic arts & inks

          Specialty monomers for improved performance 

          Specialty monomers can strongly enhance such key properties as adhesion to metal, glass, concrete and wood surfaces, wet adhesion, improved durability and weather resistance, better scrub and mechanical stability. Consequently it allows formulators to switch from solvent-based to waterborne technologies.

          BASF and Solvay specialty monomers:

          • Provide flexibility and adhesion in sealants
          • Advance binding in water-borne pressure sensitive adhesives and provide excellent crosslinking to increase mechanical properties and chemical resistance in adhesive layers
          • Improve drying times, aesthetics and adhesion in graphic arts & inks, including better ink sharpness and gloss
          • Deliver improved film hardness, water resistance, chemical resistance, and adhesion in coatings
          • Excellent weatherability and improved wet adhesion and dispersion for architectural coatings
          • Better scratch resistance in clear topcoat automotive coatings

          Having the right surfactants and defoamers are key in order to carry out emulsion polymerization

          Our assortment of BASF Disponil® and Solvay Rhodacal®, Rhodasurf®, Igepal® & Abex® surfactants are available in both anionic and nonionic chemistries depending on your applications. 

          Benefits include:

          • Excellent stability
          • APE-free and low VOC
          • Low foaming

          Don’t forget a defoamer when carrying out emulsion polymerization. With Solvay Rhodoline® defoamers, you can formulate to low-VOC requirements and improve processing in certain applications. 

          To find the right monomer, surfactant and defoamer, Contact us.

          Univar Solutions:

          Your success is our primary focus. Our goal is to ensure you’re satisfied with every part of your customer journey. From pre to post-sale we are with you every step of the way. Request a consultation from us today.

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